A monad tutorial

Haskell Monads Read more »

How to install Zotonic on Mac

I was surprised how easy it was. Here's what worked for me. Read more »

Aquaponics - First cycles

We started to cycle our aquaponics setup. Here are the first pics. Read more »

Aquaponics - First steps

I think I should have bought an Aquaponics kit. A couple of months ago, at the end of winter, we started to build our Aquaponics system, yet now at the hieght of South Africa's summer, we are still not done. Nonetheless, I would like to share some photos to document our progress. Very soon, veggies… Read more »

Make Zotonic your own - How to apply a custom theme

So, you've setup your Zotonic powered blog and are looking at the default theme. Here's how to apply an alternative bootstrap theme in a matter of minutes. Read more »

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