Aquaponics - First steps

I think I should have bought an Aquaponics kit. A couple of months ago, at the end of winter, we started to build our Aquaponics system, yet now at the hieght of South Africa's summer, we are still not done. Nonetheless, I would like to share some photos to document our progress. Very soon, veggies and fish (Tilapia) should start to grow.

Auqaponics - building site

Aquaponics - The main fish tank

Aquaponics - Tiled and all

Aquaponics - Solar power installed

Aquaponics - A roof to protect the plants from the summer sun and rain

Auqaponics - The growbed's frame

Aquaponics - Wife labour

Aquaponics - Drying the paint

Aquaponics - Installing the growbed

Aquaponics - Stil installing

Aquaponics - The growbed's frame is done.

The last photo is a couple of months old. At the time, we thought we were just about ready for spring but then:

  • We got a pond-liner and spend several weeks trying to waterproof it: Test, glue, wait forever, test ...
  • Took the pond-liner out, painted all with rubberised bitumen for koi tanks and waited two weeks for it to dry.
  • Put the pond-liner back and filled the growbed with granite gravel.
  • Discovered another leak and the fact that the fishtank is too small for our growbed (I had read that one could water growbeds up to three times the fishtank volume - I hadn't  realize that those guidelines referred to nutrients not water. There simply isn't enough water to flood anything larger than 1.5 times your fishtank.)

What's your experience with custom setups?

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