How to install Zotonic on Mac

I was surprised how easy it was. Here's what worked for me.

  1. Install MacPorts 
  2. sudo port -v selfupdate
  3. sudo port install erlang
  4. sudo port install imagemagick
  5. Donwload Zotonic .zip release
  6. Unzip and run 'make' in zotonic root directory
  7. Install
  8. psql -h localhost -U my-mac-username postgres # or try the postgressapp docs which didn't work for me
  9. Create DB and add site To add a new site Zotonic must be running. Start it from the install directory with bin/zotonic debug.

That was easy enough. Or would have been, had I previously installed the command line tools for Xcode. You can get Xcode from the market and the command line tools from Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads ([OT] You can also download alternative iOS simulator versions from here.).

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