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How to install Zotonic on Mac

I was surprised how easy it was. Here's what worked for me. Read more »

Make Zotonic your own - How to apply a custom theme

So, you've setup your Zotonic powered blog and are looking at the default theme. Here's how to apply an alternative bootstrap theme in a matter of minutes. Read more »

Zotonic syntax highlighting

If your Zotonic blog is all about code you need syntax highlighting. Zotonic uses TinyMCE and this short post shows how to install the syntaxhl plugin for TinyMCE and its only dependency, Syntax Highlighting. Read more »

A beginner's Zotonic tutorial on custom types

If you are new to Zotonic, one of the first questions you might have is how to create custom types, how to edit them from the Zotonic Administrator and how to display them to your visitors. In this short tutorial we are going to create a simple HOTEL resource type with one custom property and link… Read more »